Here Is To Your Abundant Life – Freedom Versus Slavery

Once upon a time, there was a man who was lost in a desert filled with snakes and scorpions. He was dying of thirst. As the story goes, a hand came out of nowhere with a pump, a jug filled with water and a bucket nearby. A neon guidepost cried out: “PRIME THE PUMP BY POURING ALL THE WATER FROM THE JUG INTO THE TOP OF THE PUMP AND PUMP THE HANDLE UNTIL THE WATER COMES OUT. IF YOU DO THIS YOU WILL GET ALL THE WATER OF LIFE YOU NEED! BE SURE TO REFILL THE JUG WITH WATER FOR THE NEXT LOST PERSON”.
What is the interpretation of this parable?
• The “desert” is the ignorance of God’s plan he is lost in that has mastery over him.
• The “snakes and scorpions” are the falsehoods that lure him to rest in his ignorance.
• “Dying of thirst” is a God-given, burning desire within him that cries out for an abundant life.
• The “hand out of nowhere” is God’s love extended to him as He cares for him.
• The “jug” is the hope of a better life in Christ Jes... mehr anzeigen