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Welcome to Diaspora

"The online social world where you are in control"

That is, "you are in control" only if you start your own pod. (Which is something that anybody with the know how and resources can do.) A podmin is free to run their pod more or less however they please. The majority of Diaspora users however do not have their own pods and are at the mercy of their podmins. Not to be alarmist, as most pods are being run fairly and competently, but there are a few notable exceptions that have distinguished themselves over the years.

You need to put some consideration into the pods you choose to sign up with. Not only does the podmin have the power to censor your posts/comments and delete your account, the podmin also has access to your private data, your email, contacts and private messages. They have a right to deny service to anyone they choose. There's no question, however some podmin have been known to be loose with the private info of users they personally disliked... mehr anzeigen
Dear everyone using, it's this time of year again where the bill is due for the hosting cost for the year, and if I'm writing this message it means that we don't have enough money to cover it all. At the moment we are about 200$ short, in the spirit of transparency **here are the raw numbers: price for a year is 752.8 CHF we currently have 571.6 CHF in the association bank account **
This money powers the server that not only hosts but also and a few other projects that are work in progress.
We have until early may to find the missing amount, and to be completely hosting I'm not going to say that if we don't find it it's going to be the end, because it's not, I have a job and I can pay for it myself if needs be, but the goal for the association is to be self sustained, as a non profit because we don't exploit your data or show ads on any part of our websites we rely solely on donations and my own generosity as the president.
So if you would be so kind feel free to give a few bucks, if everyone would give 1$ a months I w... mehr anzeigen
Hi everyone! The server move has been completed successfully, and without any downtime! So big applause for the admin team! We are now running on a brand new server with gigabit ethernet and snapshot feature!
Cost of moving to a new server: 180$
Donation received from my previous message to cover the cost : 0$
Paid of my own pocket: 180$

Just so that you realize how much I love you guys (and girls) ;)
Send a little love my way and you'll get even more improvements!
#upgrade #maintenance #podmin #donation
@[D\*] Frank Dapor #podmin hehe, mich hat es kaum gestört und ich hab auch nichts getrunken sondern noch gearbeitet. 😁
sigh, sign in to see, my #pod got registration raped by 10 bot accounts, only one has a some what valid email, the rest canned. #podmin

#diaspora #captcha on registration?/ not working when though it's enabled?
Moin, @[D*] Frank Dapor #podmin!
Merkwürdig - ich bin auf dem Pluspora-Pod und kann ihre Pod-Adresse auch nicht sehen. Da ist wohl beim Resharen was verloren gegangen. Aber kein Problem, ihre Adresse ist und zu ihrem Originalpost geht's hier lang!
Hi everyone, if you want to learn more about the xmpp chat we're using on check out this talk
#xmpp #fossdem #chat #podmin
Bonjour, #nouveauIci je lance un pod diaspora francophone pour essayer de motiver mon entourage à quitter #facebook et rejoindre ce réseau libre que je redécouvre. J'ai volontairement pris un domaine parodique pour essayer d’attiser la curiosité des gens.
N'hésitez pas à venir participer, j'ai mis un discord en parallèle en attendant l'intégration du chat xmpp 😀
Pour ma part je suis Français, localisé dans le #Tarn, et je m'intéresse aux alternatives pour se passer des #GAFAM
Le pod en lui même est hébergé chez OVH, VM sur serveur dédié.
Je suis ouvert a toute remarque / suggestion / critique.

#newHere #podmin #fessebouc
@[D*] Frank Dapor #podmin
Je remets l'appel de super dapor en mode qui fonctionne 😀
P.S. David is a good guy and the pod admin #podmin for
@[D\*] Frank Dapor #podmin ok, bei mir sind es nur 84000 tasks pro Tag. Ich hab ja nicht viele Account hier auf dem Server.
Wobei die Tasks auch Feed abrufen und sowas enthalten, eben alle Tasks die was senden oder abrufen.
@[D\*] Frank Dapor #podmin ah, wüsste nicht wie man das bei Friendica sehen kann, aber ein paar tausend pro Stunde hat mein kleiner Server.
Hi Axidentalists Axis,
I would be interested in your reasons… Dhan

Axidentalists Axis
No advertising please. Sorry @Dhan Hurley

Previously i wrote to [D*] Frank Dapor #podmin about _“SENSITIVE” ADVERTISING_, which could give some ADMIN (etc.) people an income and also give us USERS a more guaranteed service… Dhan

Nota.404.MN will be down for 1 hour

I am installing some project management software and it is fairly complicated to install. I want to make a backup in case the fecal matter hits the fan. Thank you for your patience. #nota404mn #maintenance #podmin #backup #recovery
Dear everyone, this Sunday the 10th of February, we are going to move all of fairsocialnet assets from this server to a better more powerful one. In order to do that we will need to shut down all services during this process. We have calculated that it might take as much as 8h to do so, but we hope that it will quicker than that.
So during the second part of Sunday and will be unavailable.
As with all things, it has a cost and even though I love to keep improving the service for everyone I'm not made of money so, I would love if you fine people would give a buck or two in order to finance this transition. Go to so that the bar on top can make some progress.
This upgrade will bring gigabit network and the ability to make instant snapshots of the server so that in the event of a catastrophic failure it can be restored in minutes, which currently would take days as we only backup raw rada.
Talking about backup having a gigabit ethernet means faster backups, al... mehr anzeigen
@[F*] Frank Dapor #podmin - duotasking?
Frauen können multi, behauptet zumindest meine.
@[D*] Frank Dapor #podmin wrote:
no matter how - but 5€ /month wouldnt make me stay hungry ( additional to my server costs)
I think its important to get a feeling about the amount of money, we are talking about
Well I think it's not important how much an individual gives, this is probably in context with its income. Also it wouldn't be wrong to donate 5 Bucks to diaspora but maybe spread it a little between this project here, ones pod(min) and bountysource. Because it's not only important to keep the development running but also the pods (of coarse in your case you are your podmin so…)

@Thom wrote:
Re: Patreon vs. libeapay - et cetera - I don’t see why there couldn’t be multiple channels. Why not set it contributions on both?
I agree, I am a big fan of not telling donators where they should donate but instead tell t... mehr anzeigen
Hi Fla,
Previously wrote to [D*] Frank Dapor #podmin about "SENSITIVE" ADVERTISING, which could give some ADMIN (etc.) people an income and also give us USERS a more guaranteed service...... Dhan
Überraschende Wendung bei mir: der Load ist wieder auf Normalniveau:



Gleichzeitig ist auch meine Worker Queue von zwischen 400-1500 wieder auf 0 zurück.
Ich kann ja schon verstehen, dass die Worker Queue ansteigt, wenn User geloescht werden. Warum ich dann aber da in der Worker Queue so sehr viele "edit_post" Zeilen sehe, verstehe ich nun genauso wenig wie, dass dann der Load auf dem Webserver steigt (es sei denn, die kontaktierten anderen Nodes antworten dann per HTTP).
Ausserdem weiss ich immer noch nicht, was die Ursache fuer den Ursprungspost von @[D\*] Frank Dapor #podmin war und ob das immer noch auftritt, jetzt wo bei mir der Load wieder auf normal zurueck ist?

Hmmm, seltsam das alles... :-?
@[D\*] Frank Dapor #podmin - Ich aktiviere das Log nur bei Bedarf. Wenn es hilfreich ist, koennte ich das mal aktivieren, aber solange wir noch keine Vermutung haben, wonach man gucken soll, lasse ich es mal noch aus...
#podmin #nerdica #probleme #diaspora #friendica

Als Beifang von diesem Post ist mir aufgefallen, das mein Pod Probleme hat Posts von folgenden 3 Usern zu verarbeiten:

@Elektrotechnika a Bastleni
@Jiří Blažek
@... mehr anzeigen

* * now 3 years old! * *

The server performance seems ok at the moment, so I've enabled registrations again (and also a paypal button ❤).

Da die Server Performance relativ ok ist, habe ich Registrierungen (und einen PayPal Button) wieder aktiviert (^◡^ )

Thanks to all #developers, who make this possible!

#diaspora #podserver #podmin #birthday #server #hosting #federation #fediverse
I tried (unsuccessfully) to migrate my Diaspora static assets to #DigitalOcean #Spaces (essentially #S3). It didn't go well; I'm not sure why.

I created (and still have) a bucket containing a folder and in that directory I copied everything from the diaspora/public/assets directory. I put the version in there because of the way diaspora builds its assets they are all tied to a particular version of diaspora, and the /assets because that's what the diaspora code prepends to the name of the file it's requesting. Fine.

I updated diaspora.yml such that
* configuration.environment.assets.serve: false
* configuration.environment.asset... mehr anzeigen
@[D*] Frank Dapor #podmin und @alle_weiteren
keiner von denen die JETZT zu entscheiden haben, wird noch leben wenn es passiert - aber DEREN Wohlstand würde es jetzt betreffen. Ich würde als 60-70 Jähriger nicht meinen Daimler weggeben, nur damit meine Enkelskinder evt. noch leben können.
Ich bin schon über 50 Jahre alt, vielleicht sterbe ich morgen. vielleicht lebe ich noch weitere 10, 20 oder sogar mehr Jahre, aber gemäß einiger Berechnungen ist es für mich zu Spät, das brennende Haus über einen altersbedingten Tod zu verlassen.

Ich gehöre nicht zu der oben erwähnten Art von Entscheidungsträgern. Doch meine Beiträge zu den Änderungen kommen dem Versuch das Feuer mit einer Wasserpistole zu löschen gleich.

Ich habe keine Kinder, doch wenn ich Kinder und Jugendliche sehe, dann frage ich mich wofür sie in die derzeitige Mühle geschickt werden.

Wenn i... mehr anzeigen

* * now 3 years old! * *

The server performance seems ok at the moment, so I've enabled registrations again (and also a paypal button ❤).

Da die Server Performance relativ ok ist, habe ich Registrierungen (und einen PayPal Button) wieder aktiviert (^◡^ )

Thanks to all #developers, who make this possible!

#diaspora #podserver #podmin #birthday #server #hosting #federation #fediverse

* * now 3 years old! * *

The server performance seems ok at the moment, so I've enabled registrations again (and also a paypal button ❤).

Da die Server Performance relativ ok ist, habe ich Registrierungen (und einen PayPal Button) wieder aktiviert (^◡^ )

Thanks to all #developers, who make this possible!

#diaspora #podserver #podmin #birthday #server #hosting #federation #fediverse

Please don't change to round profile pictures!

Farcebook and other social sites are forcing users to use round profile pix for some reason. Probably due to the massive popularity of cameras and phones that take round photos. ( that was sarcasm! )

Please, for the love of all that remains good in the sick, twisted world of social networking, DON'T do this to Diaspora!

#pod #podmin #podmins #diaspora #diasp #developers #feature #unwanted #horrible #awful #facebook #pleasedont #asinine #stupid #dont #assholedesign
EWWW How do you remove these useless pods, the number gets bigger? #question #podmin #diaspora #help #podaevlus

#Pod #network
There are 150 #pods that have no version (old pods, no #NodeInfo).
The connection test returned an error for 165 pods.

Update auf Diaspora* erfolgreich abgeschlossen - update to diaspora* successfull.

Notable Changes

  • The /public stream should be much faster now if you are using PostgreSQL. This is just the first step of many to come to improve the performance of all streams and tag pages.
  • The recent change to support full-resolution photos introduced issues with the thumbnails. This issue has been addressed.
  • The mobile-optimized interface now supports ignoring users.
Danke an alle #Entwickler, die das hier möglich gemacht haben! Thanks to all #developers, who made this possible!

#podmin #diaspora
Mise à jour du pod diaspora #g3l en cours...
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